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Konvent is a late XIX century nun’s convent and textile colony that has been converted into a multidisciplinary arts centre. It’s a space for art and way of understanding and undertaking cultural practices that are rooted in the territory. Our main objective is cultural mediation via artistic creation and dissemination, to dignify the environment, a unique and mutating landscape where content and container often don’t match.

The essence of the project is freedom, which implies renouncing many of the requirements of most oficial bodies. The Konvent is self-managed, it has its own centripetal and centrifugal forces, a unique idiosyncrasy that has become a reference model. The scale of our work is glocal with an approach that unites diverse disciplines to become a catalyst for culture.

Our starting point is that of resilience, we don’t entertain pre-established requisites nor limitations with regards to artistic production. We offer what we have: a unique space with facilities for all types of activities, both individual or collective, in addition to shared spaces which promote exchange and social interaction. In return we search for proposals that provide a fresh gaze in cultural creation. We’re open to projects that enrich the artistic discourse, we like unfinished ideas, unimaginable adventures and an irreverent complicity with spectators.        


c/ konvent, 0
08699 – Cal Rosal (Berguedà) -BARCELONA
Info: konvent@konventzero.com Residences: konventresidencia@gmail.com



BUS Barcelona-Berga stop: Colònia Rosal 

BY CAR: from Barcelona head towards Túnel Cadí on route C-16 exit 92

Opening Times

We are open from April until November and closed from December until March (check out cultural agenda)